Mercado de Agricultores de New Orleans busca nuevo hogar

El mercado semanal de agricultores de New Orleans esta buscando nueva locación después de 20 años de situarse todos los sábados en la esquina de Girod y Magazine St.

Reily Foods Co. ha permitido a los negociantes continuar sus labores en un parking ubicado en Warehouse District sin compensación económica alguna.

Kathryn Parker, directora ejecutiva de la ONG Market Umbrella, que maneja las actividades del mercado semanal. Kathryn dijo que recientemente su grupo ha sido notificado sobre el desplazamiento que debe realizar los comerciantes.


The weekly downtown Crescent City Farmers Market is searching for a new home after 20 years of Saturdays spent at the corner of Girod and Magazine streets.

Reily Foods Co. has allowed the farmers market to operate on a parking lot next to its Warehouse District headquarters free of charge since the market began in 1996.

Kathryn Parker, executive director of the nonprofit Market Umbrella, which operates the weekly market, said her group was recently notified the development would displace vendors. Parker said the Reily family has been gracious to give the space to the market for so long.

W. Boatner Reily III, who first set up the arrangement, loved the idea of a farmers market as an extension of his family tradition developing Louisiana foods, Parker said. Reily died last year.

«We’ve been blessed with the luck that we’ve had from the family,» Parker said.

William B. «Bo» Reily IV, a director of the company, couldn’t immediately be reached for comment Monday.

Developer Brian Gibbs said he is developing a parking garage as part of the project, but he referred questions to Reily.

Parker said Market Umbrella has posted online survey seeking suggestions for a new location.

The group would like the market to stay downtown, she said, but that might not be possible given the rapid development of real estate in the area.

A new site will need to provide space for 25 to 30 vendors, electricity, lighting, access to ice and water nearby, some shade if possible and availability every Saturday. «We really feel like consistency is key,» she said.


Articulo traducido de Katherine Sayre, | The Times-Picayune  | Follow on Twitter


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