French Classes for Adults

Amigos, la Alianza Francesa ha abierto la convocatoria para las clases de Frances…


WINTER SESSION  Jan 11 – Mar 26        Earlybird by:  Fri, Jan 1   Register Now!
WINTER SESSION II  Feb 15 – Mar 26    
SPRING SESSION  Apr 4 – June 11   Earlybird by Fri, Mar 25      SPRING SESSION II  May 9 – June 11
SUMMER SESSION  June 20 – Aug 26   Earlybird by Fri, June 10     SUMMER SESSION II  July 25 – Aug 26

Three Class Categories:  Regular, Accelerated “Fast Track” and Thematic.  Immersion-style classes taught mostly in French.
-For true beginners, we recommend the “Pas à Pas” Thematic class, followed by the 101 class.  The Pas à Pas is not mandatory for the 101 however.
-For non-beginners, take our online placement test if you’d like to join, but unsure of your level.
-We use the Common European Framework for Language Learning.  For more detail on the Levels (A1-B2), see “Curriculum” on the Left Sidebar.
-Classes not reaching minimum registrations are canceled 3 days before their projected start date, so be sure to book ahead!  Alternately, we may offer to run a class but with shortened duration.

Regular Classes

Numbered  classes that correspond to certain levels of French, from Beginner (A1) to Advanced (B2). Meet once or twice a week for 3 hours, over a period of 10 weeks.
Tuition: $370 + $65 books + $40 annual membership  CURRENT SCHEDULE & register here.

Accelerated-”Fast Track” Classes

Numbered classes that cover the exact same material as the Regular, but over a concentrated period of 5 weeks. Meet twice a week for 6 hours.
Tuition: $370 + $65 books + $40 annual membership  CURRENT SCHEDULE & register here.

Beginner Pas à Pas/Step by Step, Review, and Conversation Classes

Thematic classes include topics such as: Pas à Pas/Step by Step (Absolute Beginner), and French for Parents. These classes meet once a week for 1.5 hours, for 5 weeks.
Conversation Classes are geared to 3 levels:  Beginner (102+not true beginners), Intermediate (204+), Advanced (304+).  Take our online placement test if you’d like to join, but are unsure of your level.
Thematic Tuition: $99 + $40 annual membership  CURRENT SCHEDULE  & register here.


Workshops in French are occasionally organized on a specific topic and follow a short 2 hour format.
Tuition: $30 + membership


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