Norma´s Bakery

Latino grocery store with a specialty in baked goods also selling prepared eats, meat & produce.
Address: 2925 Bienville St, New Orleans, LA 70119, United States.

Tiendas donde puedes encontrar productos latinos en New Orleans.

As the new Norma’s Sweets Bakery in Mid-City shows, it can mean huge cartons of carne asada and tortillas cooked on the griddle as you watch or a bracingly tart ceviche of shrimp, drum and scallops stored in iced tubs by the cash register. It could mean chimitacos, which are cigar-shaped crunch fests of chicken-stuffed tortillas piled with vinegary curtido slaw. Or it could mean possibly the best Cuban sandwich in town, with ham and crumbling tender roast pork encased in butter-crisped bread that was baked in house.

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